Impact Investment Fund & Ultra Impact Integrated Services Co (UiiSCO) with the assistance of our advisors, has created the Ultra Impact Master Trust for an exclusive group of UHNWI investors, focused on energy, education & environmental solutions which protect the longevity of the planet and the human race. 

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Impact Investment Fund is a Global Impact Advisory, Fund Manager and General Partner.

Impact Investing is a growing field of investment that intentionally creates positive social or environmental impact as well as a financial return, and measures both. Impact Investing and Responsible Investment has tremendous potential to help address some of our most entrenched societal issues.

The Ultra Impact Integrated Services Co has secured options and agreements to the value of USD$60M with a diverse portfolio of companies that meet the criteria for ultra impact and is providing commercialisation know how and experience for the benefit of Investors and Investee's.

Our advisors have designed the Master Trust entity in respect of efficiency and sound investment practices.

The Master Trust is limited to extraordinary people and will act as a mastermind of Ultra High Net Worth Impact Investors, to provide guidance and direction to Impact Investment Fund, its partners and our ultra-impact integrated solution strategy for global investment.

Impact Investment Value Proposition

With interest coming in from noteworthy UHNWI investors from China, India, Australia, Malaysia, United States, Europe and UAE, the Master Trust will provide synergistic network for some of the world's most connected and successful entrepreneurs and impact investors.

We have spent our time, wisely, doing the preparatory work required to generate the type of profit that is required to change the world, bringing together a portfolio of people, ideas & capital at a time when the market is ready, and fortunately in a way that benefits the entire planet, and all those within.

We have completed exhaustive due diligence on each of the portfolio companies, to ensure they all meet our criteria of trustworthy, profitable, sustainable, globally scalable ultra impact enterprises that subscribe to the Ultra Impact Charter.

We envisage the portfolio will more than double in value, before opening it to institutional investors through the Impact Investment Fund and then target a further USD$500M capital, after the completion of the Master Trust.

There are limited places available, across three core member tiers, each gives investors units in the Master Trust, we would be happy to answer any of your questions, in relation the trust.


We are inviting key investors to join us in adding significant value to the world through targeted and strategic impact investment, at scale.

Join an exclusive group of highly successful entrepreneurial impact investors.

Access Capital

Here is the place to Pitch & Raise investment capital from UiiSCO.  We are here to enable and support you to create transformative change and meaningful positive social and environmental impact.